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At the age of 38, I
was diagnosed with allergies to wheat and dairy ....


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Have food allergies and don't know where to turn?
You've come to the right spot!

With the number of Americans living with food allergies now topping the 12 million mark, doctors, food manufacturers, restaurants, grocers, and consumers are scrambling for solutions and alternatives to improve the lifestyle of food allergen sufferers.

For many, the task of researching, navigating and keeping up-to-date on emerging new information and available resources proves daunting. That's why Lisa Williams -- a food allergen sufferer herself -- established Lisa Cooks Allergen Free, acting as a clearinghouse and information resource for cooking, shopping, and dining with food allergies.

Enjoy exploring our site, and remember to check back often, as we continuously add more information, resources, places to shop and dine and, of course, plenty of all-new recipes!

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